Five Ways To Use Internet Voting Software

Technology advances have taken off in the past 25-30 years. Computers have changed a lot, and there are now a million different types of computers. Cell phones can now do almost anything that a computer can do. Tablets have bridged the gap between cell phones and laptops, so many people are choosing a tablet over their desktop or laptop. In addition to all of the devices that have improved, the software that people use on their devices has also improved. Internet voting software is one of the exciting advances that people do not talk about as much as the newest game on their iPhone or that cool new photo editing software available on all five of your devices. Let us look at five ways that you can use internet voting software.

1. School elections

School elections are as important as they have always been. They encourage our students to participate in bigger elections once they get older. They also encourage children to compete and to develop their leadership skills. Rather than counting paper ballots, which can be extremely time-consuming at a bigger school, it is best to utilize an internet voting program instead. This will make things faster and more efficient. Students who have grown up with tablets, cell phones, and laptops will also appreciate the technology boost.

2. TV contest shows

Shows like American Idol, which rely on audience voting, used to have their audience members call in to vote for their favorite contestants. This was not a horrible technique, but as the audience members began to feel more comfortable with texting and using the internet, these shows had to adjust. Now, a lot of the shows are using Internet voting software to allow their audiences to vote for their favorites online as well as over text. This system also encourages audience members to tweet and share on Facebook as they vote for contestants.

3. Class participation

Sometimes, as a college professor, you have a large class of around 400 students. It can be difficult to ask a question and receive a response from all of your students. Let us pretend that you are wondering if your students would prefer an exam or paper for their final assessment. Asking people to raise their hands to vote can be difficult, but an online voting system could be your answer. This system would also work for other questions including how your students feel about a new law (great for a politics class). Internet voting software can allow professors to interact with their students in a new way.

4. Surveys

Internet voting software can be a great tool for quick surveys. Have you ever gotten one of those receipts that ask you to complete a survey online? Have you ever started that survey, gotten through a couple of questions, then left because it was just too long? Well, instead of a long survey, a restaurant or business can ask their customers a couple of shorter questions through e-voting. This may get you a lot more responses.